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SCHNYDER SA, Biel/Bienne: Swiss precision since 1944


Since the beginning this family owned business has been specialized in the manufacturing of high precision gear cutting tools.

In 1944 the company's founder, Karl Schnyder, produced the first pinion hob for the Swiss watch industry.

In 1946 the company become incorporated and built its own production and office building and ground its first carbide hob on a Studer PSM machine.

In 1976 Schynder SA entered the automotive and aircraft industries with TiN coated carbide hobs.

After the death of the company founder and his partner Gottlieb Liechti, Hans Peter Schnyder took over control as well as majority ownership of the company. Company name was changed to Schnyder SA and continued to supply customers worldwide with the highest quality gear cutting tools.

Cutting edge technology and rigorous quality assurance enabled Schnyder SA to quickly establish itself in the international markets.

The introduction of shaper cutter production (1980), the CNC measuring machines for precision measurements (1990), the purchase of Mikron hob manufacturing business (1993), the in-house design and building of CNC controlled relief grinding machines by our Mr. Hugo Aebersold, and the commissioning of our production information database system (1999) are all milestones achieved under the direction of Hans Peter Schnyder.

Since 2001 Marc Schnyder, the third generation, has lead the company.
Together with his team he is continuously building the company foundations:
High Tech – in house designed production equipment, dedicated engineers for custom designed gear cutting tools, and the best quality for the best price makes Schynder SA the best worldwide partner for effective and efficient gear cutting tool solutions.

Schnyder's location in the „Watch Valley“ guarantees that Biel will remain the Mecca for high quality gear cutting tools in the modul range from 0.1 to 2.5. In the small area in and around Biel can be found the leading technology for gear cutting tools, gear cutting machines and coatings for gear cutting tools. This close location of so many industry leading companies allows for the easy exchange of information and ideas.